Bringing Fuzzy Brain into Focus

Village in "Fuzzy Brain Lost"Here is a quick update to let you know what material you’ll see over the next few weeks, and what to expect for our demonstration on June 22nd.

Site Updates

  • Concepts & Tutorials about artistic development of the game, and programming logic
  • Video feature on our unique combat system, and how it develops reading & writing comprehension
  • Video feature on the characters and story that Annie Winston has created for the game
  • Misc. updates about progress sprinkled in with the points listed above

June 22nd 59DoC Demonstration

Working prototype that demonstrates player interaction with the world. This includes:

  • Over-world navigation with zone entry
  • Zone demonstration
  • NPC quest acceptance & completion
  • NPC dialogue interaction
  • Enemy engagement
  • Combat during battles will be represented by an animated storyboard of our planned system.


  • Video and printed material detailing characters and story
  • We are also planning a Kickstarter launch to occur at the event.

More exciting posts are on their way, as I get more in-game art ready.

Enjoy the screenshot, and thanks for tuning in!



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